• Green Enviro International Pvt Ltd
ISO 9001 : 2015     ISO 14001 : 2015     ISO 45001 : 2018    


  • The Furnace Casing is fabricated in Heavy Duty Construction with M.S Angle Frame with Channel Supports & Double Walled Sheet Steel Insulated Panel in Modular Construction with Weiled & Bolted Joints.
  • DOOR-: Horizontal opening type door is provided with adequate Thermal Insulation
  • HEATING CHAMBER -: Silicon Rods are provided in case of High Temp. 1450°C.
  • Chamber construction includes a long life grooved refractory chamber element.
  • Temperature Indication & Control : Auto tune Microprocessor based PID Digital Temperature Indicator – cum – controller for higher
  • temperature accuracy with suitably located Pt/Rh type thermocouple sensor for higher Accuracy
  • Unique design of ventilation / Chimney provided at the back of the Muffle Furnace (For Fumes outlet)
  • High Temp. Furnace are of two types -:
  • “HTM----/1P” Single Phase Furnace
  • “HTM----/3P” Three Phase supplied with Transformer unit & Pt-Pt RH Thermocouple its control manually & automatically the Amps. Of silicon rods as per Temp. Requirement.

Furnace Control Panel Consists of

  • Step Down Transformer 80 Ampere
  • Digital Temperature Controller.
  • Ampere Meter.
  • Complete Internal Wiring.
  • Relay.