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Alcohol Breathe Tester

The Uniphos - 395 Breath Alcohol Analyser is a microprocessor based hand- held instrument, which measures the blood alcohol content in a person who has consumed alcohol. It is done by measuring the breath alcohol content and relating ittothe blood alcohol content.

When the breath sample is delivered, the software checks the moderate blow of breath sample continuously for 5 seconds and then the instrument draws approximately 200 1-11of breath into fuel cell by means of a pump in 200 miliseconds.


  • Advanced micro-controller based technology
  • Active/passice sampling with fast response
  • Detects breath alcohol level between 0 to 500 mg/l OOml of Blood or 0.000 to 0.500 BAC
  • In-built memory stores upto 3000 test results along with time and date
  • Wired/wireless Connectivity