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Remote Calibration

CPCB Guidelines

We have developed hardware and software for Remote Calibration and this is suitable for any make Gas Analysers. Also we are supplying a Probe Transmitter for measurement of Flow Temperature and Pressure.

  • Calibration facility is available at the industry end
  • Instruments are periodically calibrated & calibration data is also entered automatically into the system through the software installed at the industry and
  • Remote calibration facility is available at each gaseous OCEMS
  • We have setup the necessary IT infrastructure and central server solution at CPCB, New Delhi and the current solution is receiving data from about 322 industries, 577 stations, 215 live camera streams and 920 parameters are being monitored on real-time basis.
  • Our Data Acquisition Software solution is installed at over 100 locations all over India & monitors data pertaining to Ambient Air Quality, CEMS, Stack Emissions, Noise, Water Quality etc.
  • We have successfully demonstrated Remote Calibration of gaseous OCEMS to CPCB on 5th, 18th & 27th April.

Remote Calibration for CEMS

Remote calibration requests from CPCB server will be sent to the EnviroCalTM device/analyzer through client software at the station.

  • Attach the corresponding gas cylinder along with Zero air cylinder to the EnviroCalTM device
  • Software to operate the EnviroCalTM device, and to execute the calibration processing functions using the same device will be carried out.
  • Remote Calibration i.e. SPAN Check and Zero Check to be performed on the analysers, for which the current device is configured.
  • Diagnostics data will be fetched from analyzers at the time of calibration check is performed on the analyzers.

Remote Calibration – Execution Process

  • Initiate the remote calibration of Analyzer, as these instruments doesn’t need any external calibrator.
  • Span/Zero calibration requests will be sent along with the gas value that has to be calibrated.
  • This request will be processed at the station DAS device
  • If it is span then based on the gas value to be used to calibrate, the EnviroCalTM device will respond to the request and act accordingly to release the gas for the mentioned quantity.
  • If the request is zero calibration, corresponding process will be done using required gas cylinder for it.
  • Station PC/Modem will read the measurement data and uploads it to the server so that the data can be depicted in a graph for easy understanding of the process that is going.
  • Once the calibration is completed, it responds with the results of it to the server.
  • Calibration results will be displayed in the Server software along with the graph and status