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CPCB - SPCB Data Upload

Enviro Monitor is a multi-device multi-protocol compatible data acquisition and management software. The software has an installed base of over 650 units across India and complies with the data management guidelines of various state Pollution Control Bodies as well as CPCB, New Delhi.

ENVIRO MONITOR comprises of suite of user-friendly reports that serve the needs of internal teams as well as compliance requirements. Reports that are part of the current version are

  • Live dashboard
  • Data / statistical reports
  • Diurnal reports
  • Alarm reports
  • Summary Reports – Daily, Monthly & yearly
  • Automated reports through email
  • Automated alerts through email and SMS

Multi-Device Multi-Protocol enabled

The software is agnostic to the device manufacturer and is built to work across has been built independent of the manufacturer. It can acquire data from any device using the standard digital communication protocols such as SDI-12, MODBUS, RS 422, RS 233 and RS 485. Analog communication can be established using any standard A/D converter.

Regulatory Compliance

The Software has been built keeping in mind the compliance requirements of pollution monitoring / controlling authorities in India. The guidelines and feedback is incorporated into the product in a continuous manner.

Endless Security Service

A host of security features are part of ENVIRO MONITOR starting with encryption of database, audit trail of database changes, hardware dongle to prevent unauthorized usage, automated data back-up and periodic archival of database.

Modular Design

The software has been built given the diverse needs of the users and the regulatory authorities. ENVIRO MONITOR is one of the three components of the larger solution and is the critical one. Along with ENVIRO MONITOR, there is a central version for clients with multiple stations and ENVIRO MONITOR MASTER to transmit the data to CPCB / SPCB.

Display Board Management

One of the important compliance requirements is the dissemination of data to the general public through large Display Boards at the source of emissions. ENVIRO MONITOR has an exclusive module to manage the messaging requirements of customers. Customers can integrate custom messages with environment data to share with the public.